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Sox Top Prospects (16-20)

Posted on: December 21, 2008 11:55 am
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16) Nevin Griffith, 6'2, 165lb - RHP - 19 years old:

Nevin, the White Sox second round selection in the 2007 draft, is an extremely talented, young pitcher. Armed with 4 possible plus pitches, he has the upside to be a #2-#3 type starter. Nevin started out very well this year, not allowing a run in his first two starts, but in his 3rd start, he was rocked, and it was later found out that he would need Tommy John reconstructive surgery, and will be out all of 2009.

Fastball: Nevin has advanced control over a 91-93 mph fastball, he definitely has room to fill out and add more velocity.
Slider: Nevin's slider checks in around 79-83 mph, has sharp bite, and he also has above average control over the pitch.
Change: It comes in around 81mph, he has a good feel for the pitch, but doesn't throw it with conviction, needs to be developed.
Curve:  Nevin throws a hard curve that comes in at 86-88 mph, it is another pitch with plus potential that he needs to work on.

In 8 games last year, Nevin had a 5.19 ERA, 7K/6BB, and allowed 14 hits against him.
This season, his numbers were impressive(over his 3 starts):
2.13 ERA, 12.2 IP, 12K/5BB, 0HR allowed.

Nevin coming back strong from Tommy John will be key to his development. The reason I haven't left him off of this list completely is due to his age, even after missing all of 2009, he will only be 21 in '10. If he can come back strong from the surgery and maintain his slider and fastball, he would still have the ability to become a mid-back end rotation starter, a lot like Edwin Jackson. If he can come back and get his change up and curveball up to the level of his fastball and slider, he could have that #2 starter potential, and still possibly be up by age 24-25.

Upside: A.J. Burnett
Expcted: Edwin Jackson
Downside: Miguel Batista

17) Lance Broadway, 6'3, 190lb, RHP - 25 years old:

I'm not even sure Broadway can be called a prospect anymore, at this point, it's looking like his max potential in the bigs is a #5 starter or a middle reliever. Broadway was selected with the 15th overall pick in 2005 draft, regarded as a safe pick, Broadway is a bust. He never has had much in terms of stuff, but he is very confident on the mound and is a true fighter on the bump. Broadway will have a chance to earn the 4th/5th starter role, along with Jeff Marquez, Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard.

Fastball: Lance throws a 88-91 mph 2 seam fastball with good movement. At times it can be a strike out pitch, he is not afraid to throw it.
Change: 77-79 mph, comes out of his hand nicely and has flashes of decency.
Curve: Broadway calls his curve a "spike curveball" due to the way it drops off, it sits at 81 mph, he doesn't really have control over it.
Slider: Broadway doesn't throw it a lot, but it's a low-mid 80's pitch with decent movement.

Minor league #'s:
2005(A+): 11/11 GS, 55IP, 4.58 ERA, 58K/20BB, 11.1 h/9, 0.7 hr/9, 3.3 bb/9, 9.5 k/9, 1.60 WHIP
2006(AA): 25/25 GS, 154.1ip, 2.74 ERA, 111k/40bb, 9.3 h/9, 0.6 hr/9, 2.3 bb/9, 6.5 k/9, 1.30 WHIP
2007(AAA): 27/27 GS,155ip, 4.65 era, 108k/77bb, 9.0 h/9, 1.0 hr/9, 4.5 bb/9, 6.3 k/9, 1.50 WHIP
2008(AAA): 23/24 GS, 145 ip, 4.68 era, 101k/44bb, 10.3 h/9, 1.5 hr/9, 2.7 bb/9, 6.3 k/9, 1.45 WHIP

Overall Minor League Line(4 seasons):
28-27, 87/88 GS, 515.1 IP, 554h, 384k/183bb, 9.7h/9, 1.0 hr/9, 3.2bb/9, 6.7k/9, 1.43 WHIP

Lance is what he is, a guy with underwhelming stuff that will compete. If he's given a 5th starters spot and not expected to carry a team, he can be serviceable. I would expect a .500 record with a high 4's ERA out of him regularily.

Upside: Jon Garland
Expected: Tim Redding
Downside: Ronald McDonald

18) Sergio Miranda, 5'9, 180lbs, 21 years old - SS:

Sergio is a switch hitting, speedy shortstop. He has a well above average glove and has #2 hitter potential. He nearly always puts the ball in play, as he rarely strikes out and rarely walks, in a sense, he is similar to Orlando Cabrera there. Miranda is a singles hitter right now, but there is always the chance that he gains some power. He has a quick stroke and makes very good contact, keeping at bats alive and making pitchers throw more pitches.

Minor League #'s:
2007(A): 238 Ab's, .282/.384/.349, .733 OPS, 1hr/30rbi, 37bb/27K, 5SB/3CS
2008(A): 216 ab's, .306/.383/.375, .758 OPS, 2hr, 35 RBI, 23bb/26k, 2sb/7CS
2008(A+): 110 AB's, .209/.250/.291, .541 OPS, 12RBI, 5SB/5CS 7bb/15k

Miranda struggled in A+, although he should start there next year, and he excelled in A ball. He is barely anything more than a singles hitter, but he provides well above average defense at any middle infield position, and despite his SB numbers, is very fast. He makes great contact and has a 67/68 BB/K ratio, he looks to be at the very least a utility player.

Upside: Jason Bartlett
Expected: Nick Punto
Downside: Pablo Ozuna

19) Brent Morel, 6'1, 220lbs, 3b - 21 yars old:

Morel was the Sox 3rd round choice in 2008, he has a very strong glove at 3rd base, and is also capable of playing 2b. Morel's swing is a little long, but he doesn't produce much power or strike out much. He has average speed and a well above average arm. Morel is a very hard worker and an alert baserunner. Some believe he may be suited to play catcher do to his arm and alertness. Morel was a very clutch hitter throughout college and could be in Chicago as either a 3B, 2B or utility man in 2-3 years.

2008(a): 64 AB's, .375/.437/.438, .875 OPS, 3rbi, 5 SB/0CS, 6bb/7k
2008(a+) 172 AB's, .297/.359/.459, .818 OPS, 6HR/24 RBI, 7sb/2cs, 16bb/28k

Morel's A+ line may very well be what his major league line would look like, he certainly has the upside to ht .290/.350/.450, but he has to continue to keep his K's down. Much like Josh Fields, he has above average speed for 3b and is very alert on the basepaths, leading to his SB's, he has 15-25 SB potential, and I think he'd be a great #2 hitter.

Upside: Casey Blake
Expected: Brandon Inge
Downside: Mike Lamb

20) Jose Martinez, 6'5, 170lbs, CF - 19 years old:

Jose was an undrafted free agent, and may have been a great sign. The son of former major leaguer Carlos Martinez, Jose has well above average speed, great instincts in the outfield, and a great arm. He doesn't have much power as of now, but he definitely has the frame to fill out. If he adds some muscle and can get up to around 200lbs by the time he is 23-24, he could be a 5 tool prospect. His swing is a bit loopy right now, but he gets good extension and really hits the ball well.

Minor League Numbers:
245 ab's, .282/.348/.437, .785 OPS, 7hr/37rbi, 12sb/2cs, 22bb/53k
2008(A): 144 ab's, .306/.359/.382, .741 OPS, 2hr/18 rbi, 7sb/5cs, 12bb/26k

Jose, like many young latin players, needs to refine his strike zone knowledge and lay off more bad pitches. He is especially susceptible to the high fastball. However, he has a ton of raw talent, and his upside is huge. He could end up as a 20-20 type Center Fielder, or he may never sniff the majors.

Upside: David DeJesus
Expected: Willy Taveras
Melky Cabrera

Well, that does it for the prospects, I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Sox Top Prospects (16-20)

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